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The article makes it clear that in a country like India, the lower rung of the society imposes restrictions on women and they find it difficult to venture out for self employment. I feel that vocational trainings in such scenarios should also address the concerns of women. An example is to provide conveyance to the trainees up to the training centres. For those families where there is no one to look after the kids, small caretaker institutes may be established where children can also be educated, allowing their mothers to attend the training programs. Another important issue to be addressed is to check whether the training is being utilized for intended purpose. As the article shows, the dropout rate is an issue of concern. So instead of just training, why not provide employment to the trainees. Small scale industries may be established with the help of government to promote self dependance among the economically disadvantaged. Such industries may in in form of jute bag manufacturing, paper envelop and paper mache industry, spice packaging etc.

Aditya Sharma , India 15/07/2013 13:36:08

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