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Excellent. India being a vast country with huge rural population needs microgrids to meet power needs. Also in India the accent now is big Solar Projects. Decentralised Renewable Energy systems will bring rural prosperity. Here is a blue print for India: Here is a Blue print on INTEGRATED APPROACH ON HARNESSING RENEWABLES AND ENERGY CONSERVATION IN INDIA WITH PEOPLE’S PARTICIPATION: 1. Promote Offshore Wind Farms. 2. Promote small wind generators as decentralised systems 3. Roof Top PV Solar 4. Creating Renewable Energy Fund. Investment by Income Tax Payers to be exempted under Section 80C(For Central Government). 5. Wind Farm Co-operatives on the lines of those in Germany,Denmark etc. 6. Solar Co-operatives on the lines of those in US. 7. Energy Conservation by replacing most of the inefficient 2.6 Crore irrigation electric pump sets(About 30% power can be saved). Agriculture consumes much power next only to Industry 8. Reading lights with reliable and quality dual powered(Solar/Electricity/USB) to save enormous energy. 9. Biofuel/Biogas for power generation and cooking from Agave/opuntia care-free growth,regenerative and CAM plants. In China Biogas for cooking is supplied trough pipes. In the vast vacant land in India Agave and Opuntia can be grown and power generation established as decentralised locally. 10. Simple Box Type Solar Cooker with frying facility( 3D approach,Design,Demonstrate and Disseminate) 11.Cost effective vertical and cylindrical,mobile solar water heater design. 12. Low head Micro hydro device to generate power from the head of falling water from the delivery pipe of Electric/diesel pump sets. 13. KW size Biogas power/cooking plant for villages. 14. Simple solar drier 15. Growing CAM Plants in Waste and Vacant lands which act as Carbon Sink. One of the greatest advantages that offshore wind farms have over those on land is the frequency of strong winds over the ocean. Studies have shown that winds offshore blow nearly 40 percent more often than on land. Consequently, offshore wind farms can outpace those on land in terms of capacity and possibly offset the higher construction costs. See more at:…/offshore-onshore-debate-wind-energy/… Offshore wind is a relatively new technology, so costs will reduce and the technology will advance, helping offshore wind to be more efficient and cost competitive in the near term. But this exciting technology is already being incorporated into governments energy planning around the world. In the power equation velocity of wind is having cubic relationship while other factos like area of the rotor,desnsity of air and Efficiency are klenier. This necessitates choosing windy site to harness wind energy in windy areas. Also often people base wind power based on annual average wind speed. This wont give the true picture. One has to do frequency analysis. For example there is a site X with annual mean wind velocity 10 m/s , the power becomes 1000. On the other hand if there is a site where wind blows for 6 months 15 m/s(In India mostly South west mansoon May September) and 5m/s for the rest of the year the power will be 3490(15 x 15 x 15 + 5 x 5 x5 ). In this context it will be better to choose a windy site even thouh the initial investment may be high . As of July 2013, the 175-turbine London Array in the United Kingdom is the largest offshore wind farm in the world with a capacity of 630MW, followed by Greater Gabbard (504MW) and Walney (367 MW), also in the United Kingdom. There are many large offshore wind farms under construction including Anholt Offshore Wind Farm (400 MW), BARD Offshore 1 (400 MW), Lincs Wind Farm (270 MW) and Sheringham Shoal (317 MW). Offshore wind farms worth some 8.5 billion ($11.4 billion) were under construction in European waters in 2011. Once completed, they will represent an additional installed capacity of 2844 MW. State Capacity of Wind Power as on 31.03.2014(MW) Tamil Nadu 7276 Gujarat 3414 Maharashtra 4098 Rajasthan 2820 Karnataka 2409 Andhra Pradesh 753 Madhya Pradesh 439.00 Kerala 55 Others 4.30 Total 21264 MW Though India occupies 5th position in Wind in the world,no offshore wind farms. Infact way back in 1994 itself I suggested Offshore Wind Farms(Refer my Letter to the Editor,THE HINDU). US,China,Republic of Korea,Taiwan and France have ambitious plants to set up offshore wind farms. Following are the official figures sourced from union governments latest documents: The total length of coastline along each of the coastal State/UT in the country is as follows: Sl. No. State / UT Length of coastline (in km) (i) Gujarat 1214.7 (ii) Maharashtra 652.6 (iii) Goa, Daman and Diu 160.5 (iv) Karnataka 280.0 (v) Kerala 569.7 (vi) Tamil Nadu 906.9 (vii) Pudducherry 30.6 (viii) Andhra Pradesh 973.7 (ix) Odisha 476.4 (x) West Bengal 157.5 (xi) Lakshadweep Islands 132.0 (xii) Andaman & Nicobar Islands 1962.0 Total Coastline 7516.6 Once Wind energy was expensive but with advances and mass production the cost per MW has come down so is the case for Solar PV. The same trend is seen in offshore wind also. Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India Renewable Energy Expert

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