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well-thought article. But you miss some point that who actually benefit in informal sector, what kind of employment they are getting, and in agriculture also. Only Big people are getting more and more money which is generated by both informal sector and agriculture sector. May be employment in informal sector is more (80% of total workforce), but they 95% are getting underwages and pittances, most of the profit getting by informal sector is may be with 5% of informal sector people. Yes initial stage everybody get suffer, but in little long run, we see fruitful results. We have been giving three-square meal to people and let them feel happy and looting everything they deserved. Now at least make them hungry for some days, but later they may get three-sqare food, health, eduation and others, that too as their right, not as charity. What govt should do for time being is, as you said they should increase circulation of money, and they should start giving interest-free credit of Rs.6000/- for everybody who has bank accounts for three months, so that for shorter run people will be happy. And later everybody get money or their moral part of Indian resources. Thanks

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