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Even though the statistics of reduction in “leakages” is welcoming sign, but the systems should be in such a manner that the ‘leakages’ should be less than 2% as the quantities are huge every single percentage is huge loss to public exchequer as expenditure made with intention of reducing burden and improvement of lively hood is being dented due to leakages. Also since more than 70% of production of food grains are in trade in private, there is urgent need to prevent leakages as the quality food material supplied by government is being routed to private trade by vested interests in the PDS system cycle especially at implementation level since the money for PDS is obtained from tax payers hard earnings. Everyone should note that even every single person availing PDS or daily wage earner is also indirectly contributing to the government exchequer through paying tax i.e sales tax, excise tax, VAT etc on daily consumables like soap, detergents, tooth pastes, clothes, etc etc which are basic essential used by all human beings in the country daily? Then how come just satisfy that the leaks are on downside/reduced?. To note PDS is not a favour we are doing for downtrodden sections as was misconception felling in urban population insted it is nothing but we are giving the legitimate share of efforts of those section of people, as over 20 core agriculture labour are working hard to feed rest of the 120 core population when the agriculture labourer their families are starving? Similarly every section of labour has their own role like cobblers if not done their duty how come people wear foot ware, like wise weavers and textile workers, the pottery, the blacksmith, etc etc? Also need of the hour is to ensure the benefits of the scheme reaches as intended through extensive publicity through conducting ‘gram sabha’ and propaganda the schemes as the ‘media’ reach is only for less than 60% of the total population of which majority are in urban areas where as the FOOD SECURITY is more needed in rural areas where ‘media access is merge? Also since you have raised the issue of ‘nutrition’ value, the govt of Andhra Pradesh etc are providing pulses is welcoming step, but there should be stringent quality systems in place to maintain standard food products are supplied, as it is reported in media that the food supplied is more or less like in MDM food supplied which is pathetic (as per government test reports only 5% of samples are maintain quality standards), also in the event of ‘food security’ the population will certainly use more pulses as such demand for pulses will naturally on rise, in order to ensure the pulses rate is under affordable to all sections of people there is urgent need for enhancement of cultivation of pulses indigenously as till date there is huge gap between indigenous pulses production and demand in the country, the demand is being catered by pulses import. Also political party organisations cutting across party lines should spread the message of scheme, the targeted sections after all political parties are for betterment of people? JAI HIND

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You must see this also Stock market tanks as Food Secuity Bill is passed India’s growth story bubble busted Punjab becomes first Indian state to become bankrupt I hope with rising fiscal defict Govt of India has cash to pay salary to its employees and pensions to people retiring ,seems the article is more on Sonianomics than economics, feeding poor washes out your bad karma is logic by baba´s not economists you need money to run a nation /education /research /foreign education every thing else schemes like Food security just add to the problem.

27/08/2013 12:37:10

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