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There has been mixed experience. There are examples of both creation of good assets and creation of assets of questionable quality. We need to understand causes that are leading to such issues. The reason for creation of assets of questionable quality may lie both in the design of MGNREGA program and its execution. Majority of works are earth related which has short durability and are difficult to monitor. Further, more often than not, the emphasis to build assets of good quality has been put on the back burner by the implementation and monitoring agencies on the pretext that objective of MGNREGA is to provide employment. Poor planning, corruption, lack of monitoring and attempts to befit the scheme in labour/material ratio of 60:40 are major practical causes. Solutions can be on following fronts:

1. Making it mandatory to monitor earth related works within six months of its execution.

2. Making it mandatory to upload pictures of completed assets.

3. Regularly monitor work completion rate, and works running behind schedule. The scheme left incomplete must be explained and suitably entered in MIS. There must be threshold level of work completion below which fund must not be released.

4. Assets created under MGNREGA to be transferred to line departments for convergence. For example, boundaries of farm ponds created under MGNREGA can be taken up for forestry by forest department; brick swelling roads can be upgraded to PCC roads. List of completed assets since inception as reflected in MIS can be very useful for this purpose.

5. There should be exercise done at least half yearly to check the maintenance status of completed assets.

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Ravi Dhanuka , Ministry of Rural Development 14/02/2013 15:59:22

Dear sirs/Madams, After reading your ideas, I have still the question left answered that is there any correlation between the poverty alleviation in the states and implementation of the MGNREGA. The report to people only talks about the fact that it has contributed in the reduction in rural poverty. But this is the case for all the states ? I find no correlation in the money spent and % age of pverty reduction. Please enlighten me.

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Manish Raj , National Institute of financial management 07/03/2013 00:40:16

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