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Abhijeet Singh
University of Oxford
Abhijeet is a Research Officer at Young Lives and a doctoral student in Economics at the University of Oxford. His current research focuses on issues of education, health and inequalities in childhood. Abhijeet has a B.A. (Hons) in Economics from the University of Delhi and an M.Sc. in Economics for Development from the University of Oxford. Before joining the D.Phil. programme at Oxford, Abhijeet worked as an Economist in South Sudan's statistical agency from October 2008 to September 2010 through the ODI Fellowship Scheme.

Articles By Abhijeet Singh
What can the private sector offer Indian education?
Posted On: 28 Oct 2015

Topics:   Education
Tags:   schooling

Do private schools in India really produce more learning, or do they deepen social and economic divides without adding much in terms of actual skills and education? Based on a review of the existing literature, this column sheds light on these questions, and discusses avenues for future research that may help understand how private players may be leveraged to address the learning crisis in the country.

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Giving up too early on malnourished children? Catch-up growth and Midday Meals
Posted On: 14 Apr 2014

Topics:   Health

It is widely believed that malnourishment in the first few years of childhood adversely affects cognition and adult economic outcomes. This column presents new research which shows that full recovery from early malnourishment is possible. Based on data from the state of Andhra Pradesh, it is found that the Midday Meals programme of the Government of India has been successful in compensating for early nutritional deprivation.
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