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Nicolas Morales
University of Michigan
Nicolas Morales is a Ph.D. candidate in economics at the University of Michigan. His fields of interest are migration, labour economics, and international trade. His research has mostly focused on understanding the effects of immigration policy in the US as well as the impact of global immigration policy on sending countries. More specifically, he is interested in the role of firms and labour demand in immigration by looking at how immigrants differentially sort across occupations, industries, and type of firms. His other papers focus on quantifying the short- and medium-run welfare effects of the H-1B programme in the US. He was born and raised in Uruguay where he got his B.A. in Economics from Universidad de Montevideo.

Articles By Nicolas Morales
How the American dream led to India’s IT boom
Posted On: 29 May 2017

In the context of the ongoing global debate on migration policies, this column shows that the H-1B visa programme of the US had a powerful impact on the US IT sector, and played a prominent role in spreading the boom to India.
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