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Sweta Bhusan
Collaborative Research and Dissemination
Sweta Bhusan is currently working as a Senior Researcher with Collaborative Research and Dissemination (CORD), New Delhi. She got her Ph.D. degree in 2016 and M.Phil. degree in Geography in 2010 from the Centre for the Study of Regional Development (CSRD), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Sweta’s research interests span across demography, education, gender studies, GIS, nutrition, remote sensing, and urbanisation and its associated problems. She has been an integral part of DST, ICSSR and UGC funded projects in JNU and has made significant contributions in developing a 'Gender Atlas'. She has also worked as an independent consultant with CARE India. Sweta’s contribution has been published in several journals and edited books.

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Women empowerment in nutrition: Do women really have a say in preparing and providing food?
Posted On: 13 Sep 2017

Topics:   Gender , Health

Decision-making capacity of women within the household and in the community is considered to be a reflection of their empowerment. In this note, Sweta Bhusan discusses one dimension of decision-making that revolves around procuring, preparing and serving food to household members.

This is the second post of a five-part series.

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