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Adnan Khan
International Growth Centre
Adnan Khan is research and policy director of the International Growth Centre (IGC) at London School of Economics (LSE), co-chair of the Commission on State Fragility, and a board member of the Center for Economic Research in Pakistan. His research interests lie in the areas of public economics and political economy. Khan is involved in an IGC research project to assess the role of wages, incentives, and audit on tax inspectors’ behaviour in Punjab, Pakistan.

Articles By Adnan Khan
Three barriers that make it hard for policymakers to use the evidence that development researchers produce
Posted On: 20 Sep 2017

Topics:   Political Economy

There has been a surge in policy research globally over the past two decades that is geared to promote evidence-based policymaking. But can policymakers put this evidence to use? Based on a survey of civil servants in India and Pakistan, this column finds that simply presenting evidence to policymakers doesn’t necessarily improve their decision-making.
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