Elucidating avenues for corruption: Micronutrient fortification strategies in India’s Midday Meals Programme

  • Blog Post Date 30 July, 2015
  • IGC Research on India
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James Berry

Cornell University

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Saurabh Mehta

Cornell University

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Priya Mukherjee

College of William and Mary

Globally, iron deficiency is a leading cause of anaemia, a condition that is particularly harmful during early childhood, causing fatigue and slower physical and cognitive development with potentially long-lasting effects. The problem is especially acute in India, where 58.4% of children aged 6-59 months are anaemic. In the context of India’s Midday Meals Programme, this project evaluates the effect of fortifying the meals with a micronutrient mix on meal quality and child health. In addition, the study varied the intensity of monitoring of school meals to investigate whether and to what extent monitoring improves these outcomes.

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