Land Acquisition for Business and Compensation of Displaced Farmers

  • Blog Post Date 01 March, 2012
  • IGC Research on India
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Maitreesh Ghatak

London School of Economics

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Dilip Mookherjee

Boston University

This project addresses the question of how farmers displaced by acquisition of agricultural land for the purpose of industrialisation ought to be compensated. Prior to acquisition, the farmers are leasing in land from a landlord, either a private owner or a local government. This project identifies three sets of incentive effects: the decision of the landlord to sell the land ex post to an industrial developer, and ex ante incentives of tenants and landlord to make specific investments in the agricultural quality of the land. Main result of the project is that under a broad class of circumstances, independent of equity considerations, efficiency considerations alone require farmers be over-compensated for their loss of agricultural income in the event of conversion.

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