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How movies impact stigma and choice: Evidence from the pharmaceutical industry

Recently educational entertainment is emerging as a platform for addressing public health issues. In this article, Aggarwal, Chakrabarti, and Chatterjee investigate whether movies can destigmatise acc...

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Lockdown-induced trade disruptions and adaptations by firms

In the face of trade disruptions, firms can reorient their trade to minimise risk. This article documents a fall in inter-state trade in India during the Covid-19 lockdown, that continues until Decemb...

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Stewardship as the way forward in fighting global antimicrobial resistance

With the World Health Organization's emphasis on stewardship and working together against antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the authors consider the importance of certain agents in preventing AMR. Looki...

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Only germs this time, no guns and steel (yet)?

The first round of globalisation over the previous centuries was associated with a transmission of diseases between continents. With Covid-19, history seems to be repeating itself, but this time in th...

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