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राजनीतिक पद का समय और बेईमानी में लैंगिक अंतर: स्थानीय राजनीति से प्राप्त साक्ष्य

राजनीति में महिलाओं की हिस्सेदारी अधिक होना वर्तमान साहित्य में कम भ्रष्टाचार का संकेत माना गया है | ईमानदारी को एक अंतर्निहित या स्थिर चरित्र विशेषता के रूप में देखा जाता है। हालाँकि, पश्चिम बंगाल मे...

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Time in office and gender gap in dishonesty: Evidence from local politics

Existing literature associates a higher share of women in politics with lower corruption; honesty is viewed as an inherent or static character trait. However, using information collected from 400 elec...

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Rags to riches? Understanding social mobility in India

To what extent is an individual’s status in society determined by the position of his or her parents? Analysing data from the Indian Human Development Survey, 2011-2012, this column finds that the p...

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Has community monitoring helped reduce corruption in public programme delivery?

MNREGA mandates social audits of public work projects undertaken under the Act in order to empower beneficiaries to scrutinise programme expenditures, and monitor programme delivery. Has community mo...

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Does Female Leadership Impact on the Quality of Public Goods? Evidence from a Public Poverty Alleviation Programme in Andhra Pradesh, India

This project used the nationwide policy of randomly allocating village council headships to women to identify the impact of female political leadership on the governance of projects implemented under ...

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