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Import competition, formalisation, and role of contract workers

Given the recent expansion in the participation of developing countries in global trade, it is important to understand the role of trade in the composition of employment in these countries. Analysing ...

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Global supply chain disruptions: Causes and the way ahead

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been disastrous for the global supply chains, with persistent effects since early 2020, and knock-on effects now gaining intensity. In this post, Sharmila Kanth...

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Global value chain participation and intermediate export sophistication

While the dominance of global value chains (GVCs) in production processes is a widely accepted fact, the impact of participation in GVCs is still being explored. Using data from a sample of 100 nation...

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Does the India-EU trade pact make sense for India? - II

In this article, Swati Dhingra, Assistant Professor of Economics at the LSE, contends that the proposed India-EU trade agreement is one-sided and would harm India’s economic interests. In her view, ...

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Does the India-EU trade pact make sense for India? - I

During the 13th India-EU Summit in Brussels last month, leaders from both sides welcomed the re-engagement on the stalled India-EU Free Trade Agreement. In this article, Devashish Mitra, Professor of ...

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Trade liberalisation and intergenerational occupational mobility in urban India

While the trade reforms of the 90s led to a rapid increase in trade in India, there are concerns regarding the likely impact of the reforms on inequality. This column shows that innovation induced by...

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India-ASEAN economic linkages: Challenges and way forward

India’s ‘Look East’ policy picked up steam with the conceptualisation of the Indian-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement in 2003. This column analyses the broad trends in India-ASEAN trade over the past d...

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Creating a services value chain between India and Thailand

In the past two decades, India has signed several bilateral and regional comprehensive free trade agreements with Southeast Asian countries, which are likely to enhance services trade, investment and...

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Getting more out of India's 'Tourist Visa on Arrival' scheme

The Government of India has extended the ‘Tourist Visa on Arrival’ scheme - now expected to be renamed ´Visa Online (ETA)´ scheme - from five countries in 2010 to 44 countries in 2014. In this ...

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Boosting Indo-Pak agricultural trade

Despite close geographical proximity of India and Pakistan and implementation of SAFTA almost a decade ago, trade potential between the two countries remains largely unexploited. This column analyses...

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Mega-trading blocs: Where does India stand?

Emerging multilateral trading agreements, resulting in mega-trading blocs, seem to be replacing global negotiations through the WTO. In this article, Sharmila Kantha assesses the potential impact of ...

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International trade, domestic labour laws and India’s manufacturing sector

India has a multitude of restrictive labour laws and these have been found to adversely affect economic performance of manufacturing firms. This column illustrates how the impact of trade liberalisati...

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Protectionism under the guise of food security

India has backed out of the commitment it made at the WTO negotiations in Bali in November 2013. The implicit explanation is that the government needs to accumulate food grain stocks to provide subsid...

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India's WTO problem: A proposal

India is threatening to block the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement unless its agricultural policies are exempted from multilateral scrutiny. This article contends that while India’s objectives on ag...

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Impact of trade reforms on labour’s share of firm revenues

The decline in labour’s share of national income in recent decades – a potential cause of rising inequality – has coincided with an increase in world trade. This column analyses the impact of tr...

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What explains India’s poor performance in garment exports?

India has been losing its share of the world garment trade over time – it went down from 6% in 2013 to 3.5% in 2016. This article examines the Indian garment industry based on a survey of garment ma...

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Trade rules in e-commerce: Opportunities and concerns for India

India, which is among the fastest growing markets for e-commerce in the world, submitted a formal document to the WTO in December 2017 opposing any negotiations on trade in the sector. In this post, M...

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Trade agreements and their impact on India’s apparel exports

Slow progress of the Doha Round of WTO negotiations has led to a proliferation of regional and bilateral trade agreements, and consequent increase in trade among their members. While India continues t...

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