The Impact of Climate and Pollution on Worker Productivity: Evidence from a Garment Factory in India

  • Blog Post Date 31 December, 2015
  • IGC Research on India
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Achyuta Adhvaryu

University of California, San Diego


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Namrata Kala

MIT Sloan School of Management


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Anant Nyshadham

University of Michigan


This project aims to answer the following research questions: i) What is the impact of air pollution on worker productivity and other labour outcomes (attendance, tardiness, and attrition)? ii) What is the impact of climate conditions (temperature and humidity) on worker productivity and other labour outcomes? iii) Is resilience to temperature and air pollution heterogeneous according to workers’ exposure to higher temperatures and pollution during childhood, age, gender, or workplace tenure? iv) What role does worker health play in mediating the impacts of pollution and temperature on the productivity, absenteeism, and attrition of workers?

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