Commodity Taxation in India

  • Blog Post Date 28 February, 2013
  • IGC Research on India
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Monica Singhal

University of California, Davis

This project examine cross‐country comparisons on  commodity taxation in Bihar for 1994‐2012. The findings of the project  suggested  that  the  VAT  reforms  wentlong  way  to  harmonizing  rates  across  statesbut  some  challenges  remain.    Goods  which  tended  to remain under a partial or full sales tax regime (such  as  petrolcontinue  to  exhibit  large  variation  across states.    Bringing  these  goods  under  a  GST system  may  be  particularly  challenging.    In  addition, individual  states  may  wish  to  retain  particular  tax  preferences for certain products or industries.  

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