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Trade-offs in carbon trading: Can a carbon market yield benefits for India?

The creation of a national carbon market in India, depending on its institutional setup, policy integration, and design could offer a mechanism for reducing emissions, or it could result in serious ec...

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Pledges, plans, and actions: An analysis of India’s Panchamrit pledges

In anticipation of India updating its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), Aman Srivastava and Ashwini Swain evaluate the climate pledges made by Prime Minister Modi at COP26. In the context of...

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Indian agriculture: How to feed more people with fewer resources

While agriculture in India has achieved grain self-sufficiency, it has become cereal-centric, regionally-biased and resource-intensive. In this article, Swain, Price and Sharma discuss the rising res...

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In pursuit of low-carbon electricity

The policy debate on low-carbon energy often tends to focus solely on setting targets. This column argues that the State’s capacity to meet targets and the strategies followed to build the required ...

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Low-carbon development in Indian agriculture: A missed opportunity?

The agricultural sector is the largest contributor of Greenhouse Gases in India. Yet, it has not received due importance in India’s climate change mitigation strategy. This column says that India m...

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