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श्रमिकों की उत्पादकता बढ़ाने के लिए उनकी वित्तीय चिंताओं को दूर करना

वित्तीय बाधाओं का असर श्रमिकों की मानसिक स्थिति पर हो सकता है और इसके कारण कार्य के दौरान श्रमिक के अधिक विचलित रहने से उसकी उत्पादकता प्रभावित हो सकती है। ओडिशा में छोटे पैमाने के निर्माण-उद्योग के श...

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Alleviating financial concerns to enhance worker productivity

Financial constraints can have psychological consequences and affect productivity by making workers more distracted during work. Based on an experiment among small-scale manufacturing workers in Odish...

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The cycle of debt among vendors in India and the Philippines

Many street vendors rely on daily or weekly loans from moneylenders to finance working capital. Given the high interest rates, why do they not use a little bit of each day’s earnings to buy working ...

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Causes and consequences of low caloric intake in India: Nutrition, productivity, and cognition

Many of the world’s poor consume very few calories. Because calories are not just consumption, but also an input into production, this low consumption may dampen labour productivity and impede decis...

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Sugar mills: Ownership, productivity and crop choice

This project examines the effect of firm ownership structure on firm behaviour and the economic outcomes of upstream suppliers by comparing privately-owned sugar mills to cooperatives and public mills...

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