I4I@10: Annual lecture and panel discussion

  • Blog Post Date 15 December, 2022
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We invite you to join us on 22 December, 2022, as we bring to you Ideas for India’s annual lecture and panel discussion to celebrate 10 years of I4I! Featuring an in-person meeting for the first time in three years, this hybrid event will feature academics, policymakers and practitioners from across the world. 

We have instituted an annual memorial lecture on key issues of development, in memory of our founding Editor-in-Chief, the late Prof Ashok Kotwal, who passed away earlier this year. As Ashok has noted on more than one occasion, economic development can be fundamentally disequalising on many fronts. This year, the lecture, delivered by Prof Debraj Ray (New York University), will touch on one such front: the forces governing systematic substitution away from human labour. The drive to automate can be slow but it is inexorable – our gaze into the ‘Future of Development’ suggests the need to build sovereign funds that are predicated on national corporate wealth.

The second event is a panel discussion featuring Viral Acharya (NYU-Stern), Yamini Aiyar (CPR) and Poonam Gupta (NCAER), and moderated by Amartya Lahiri (University of British Columbia). 

As the pandemic subsides, policymakers are facing unprecedented challenges as they try to put the economy back on track. There is persistent inflation, inequality has risen further, supply chains have been disrupted, the labour market has undergone fundamental changes, and a fiscal crisis looms over many governments. How do we tackle such an array of critical problems? Are traditional fiscal and monetary policy instruments enough, or is there a need to think outside the box? Our panel of eminent experts, who have thought about such issues at length and also engaged in policy making, will come together to discuss the post-Covid economic landscape and share their ideas about the way forward.

Click here to register to join us in-person at India International Centre, New Delhi.

You could also interact with us virtually - click here to register on Zoom.

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