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The role of cities in ensuring good jobs

In light of India's rapid urbanisation, Rana Hasan looks at various factors which set large cities apart from smaller cities and rural areas: more job opportunities, higher wages, large manufacturing ...

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Are cities holding India back from reaching its ambitious net zero targets?

While per capita emissions in global cities are significantly lower than the national average, large Indian cities like Delhi and Kolkata emit up to double the national average. Shah and Downes look a...

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Mobility and congestion in urban India

Urban transportation in developing countries is prioritised for massive investments, yet little is known about the determinants of urban mobility in these countries. This article applies a methodology...

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Rural-urban migration in Bihar

Over the last decade, Bihar has experienced rapid economic growth and increasing urbanisation. The purpose of this project was to investigate the patterns of migration in Bihar. The study found that m...

  • IGC Research on India

How India’s internal borders inhibit migration

Indians, particularly men seeking education and jobs, display a puzzling reluctance to cross state borders. This article explores the reasons for this migration pattern. A major culprit is India’s s...

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Rapid urbanisation, rural-to-urban migration, and rural development: Evidence from 8,000 Indian towns

Rapid urbanisation and declining rural poverty are central features of many developing countries today, but there is little research on their relationship, especially on the impacts of rapid urbanisat...

  • IGC Research on India

Constraints and prospects of Financing via Municipal Bonds in India: An analysis with case Studies

In order to meet the challenges created by growing urbanisation, municipal corporations in India need to incur huge expenditure to support urban infrastructure in the coming decades.

  • IGC Research on India

How Urban is India?

This project seeks to develop a dataset on the extent and location of de facto urbanisation – settlements with characteristics commonly thought of as urban – in India.

  • IGC Research on India

Urban Corridors: Strategies for economic and urban development

The aim of this project is to investigate the impact of India’s corridor model as a strategy for urbanisation and urban development through the lens of land and economic development. Research questi...

  • IGC Research on India

Congestion pricing to solve traffic jams? Not so fast!

The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi recently said that the city is likely to become the first in India to have congestion charges in certain stretches. This column reports results from an experimental p...

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Real estate cross-subsidisation for infrastructure financing: A precarious solution for urban development?

A means of urban development financing that has emerged in Indian cities is real estate cross-subsidisation, whereby land along the mass rapid transit system corridors is offered to private developers...

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Understanding Slum Formation and Designing an Urban Housing Policy for Poor in Bihar

This project identifies the spatial pattern of the urban poor living in slums of four districts of Bihar. It also identified direct and indirect determinants of their settlement locations and understa...

  • IGC Research on India

Smart congestion pricing: Testing travel incentives to reduce congestion in Bangalore

Severe peak-time traffic congestion is endemic in large cities in developing countries, both on roads as well as in public transportation, with important negative consequences. There is a pressing nee...

  • IGC Research on India

India's slum leaders - II

The second part of the two-part column on slum leaders discusses who these leaders are - their age, professions, and relationships with political parties - and how they build support within their com...

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Moving in or dropping out? India's female migrants and urban labour force integration

One important, yet understudied, constraint to female labour force participation is women’s inability to successfully migrate to where the jobs are – cities.

  • IGC Research on India

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Residential segregation in urban India and persistence of caste

B.R. Ambedkar had exhorted lower-caste people to move towards cities to defy localism and benefit from the virtues of cosmopolitanism that urbanisation might provide. Using 2011 enumeration block-leve...

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Challenges of solid waste management: The case of Patna city

Rapid urbanisation with insufficient planning has led to problems of solid waste management in several Indian cities. In this note, Uma Sarmistha discusses preliminary findings from a field study in t...

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Seasonal migration and health in India: Constraints for research and practice

Seasonal migrants in India engage in temporary informal work in work environments that actively flout labour laws on wages, work hours, and living conditions. The most significant impact of this is on...

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