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वह जीतती है: जातीय आधार पर विभाजित समाजों में महिलाओं का चुनाव

भारतीय संविधान के अनुसार ग्रामीण स्थानीय सरकारों में महिलाओं के लिए कम से कम 33% सीटें आरक्षित हैं, और बिहार उन नौ राज्यों में से है जिन्होंने 50% आरक्षण का विकल्प चुना है। हालांकि, राज्य और केंद्र स्...

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She wins: Electing women in ethnically divided societies

The Indian Constitution reserves a minimum of 33% of village council head positions for women, and Bihar is among the nine states that have opted for 50% reservation. This note investigates how gender...

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Heart of darkness: Misplaced priorities of Jharkhand’s District Mineral Foundation

In 2015, the central government launched District Mineral Foundations in the districts affected by mining, which are mandated to collect royalty from all mining activities and use the funds for the we...

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Lost in transition

As part of a special three part series, the Prime Minister’s rural development fellows bring us voices from the field about what development means to women in some of the most remote parts of the co...

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