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An examination of the ways in which economic evidence filters into policy debates in India has demonstrated that a new approach is needed: one that is (1) inclusive, (2) rigorous, and (3) responsive. As it stands, there are a range of commentators on the Indian economy, however, a common platform for systematically exchanging and debating ideas between these various individuals is missing.

Ideas for India is an economics and policy portal that is intended to be this common platform and source for ideas and evidence on policy issues in India and will be a complement to the print media. By serving as an ideologically neutral space for economists, other social scientists and practitioners to use their research and experience to weigh in on key policy questions, Ideas for India hopes to inject more evidence into policy debates, and make these discussions more accessible to specialists and non-specialists interested in the issues of growth and development in India.

The portal adopts an approach that is (a) Inclusive with respect to the ideologies of commentators, types of evidence on which the articles are based, policy issues addressed and the technical proficiency of intended audience, (b) Rigorous in ensuring that the policy debates are centred on evidence that is methodologically and analytically sound, and (c) Responsive in allowing for the vast body of evidence that has been generated over several decades of study of the Indian economy to be drawn upon when a particular policy question becomes centre-stage.

The scope includes issues such as economic growth, poverty and inequality, health, education, environment, gender, infrastructure, urbanisation, political economy, land, labour, corruption, caste, macroeconomics, finance and so on.

The portal targets a wide audience including but not limited to policymakers, academics and researchers, NGOs, civil society and other advocacy organisations, as well as non-specialists that are interested in development and growth policy issues.

Ideas for India was set up in July 2012 by a group of economists interested in Indian growth and development policy, and is funded by the International Growth Centre. IGC is jointly directed by the London School of Economics (LSE) and University of Oxford. To view a list of all completed IGC India research projects, please click here.

The views expressed in the posts are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the I4I Editorial Board.

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