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  • Blog Post Date 16 October, 2017
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Ashok Kotwal

University of British Columbia

Our day-to-day lives are tossed around due to economic changes, resulting sometimes from government policies and sometimes by unidentifiable forces of the world economy. Governments always label every policy change as a ‘reform’ there by signaling an improvement. But it isn’t always so. Often it generates winners and losers and we want to know who these are. Our wellbeing is also affected by the churning in the outside world such as artificial intelligence, automation, global warming, oil prices, and so on. We may not be able to control these forces but at least we would like to understand how they would affect us so that we can safeguard ourselves. Moreover, you – our readers – would not be reading I4I if you were not intellectually curious.

With this in mind, we are starting a new feature ‘Explainers’.

Our first topic is what the whole country is befuddled about – the GST (goods and services tax). The format is to explain the basics through an introduction that serves as a primer, followed by more nuanced questions for which we go to the acknowledged experts in the field. Hopefully, their answers will help answer the most pressing questions that people have about the topic.

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