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Inequality, labour market trends, and the welfare State

  • Blog Post Date 14 October, 2021
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Parikshit Ghosh

Editor-in-Chief, I4I; Delhi School of Economics

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David Green

University of British Columbia

All around the world, rising levels of inequality – particularly in the last 3-4 decades – have been recognised as a major issue. In this context, David Green (University of British Columbia) and Parikshit Ghosh (I4I Editorial Board; Delhi School of Economics) discuss various factors including trade and globalisation; gradual ideological shift to the 'right'; the changing nature of work – role of technological advancements, hierarchies created by higher education, and 'rents' rather than returns to skill. 

They also examine social protection – going beyond income support to also provide public services and foster communities, identifying rents in the economy to generate tax revenue to fund welfare, shifting from redistribution as charity to redistribution as justice and how Covid-19 can jumpstart this attitudinal change.

This is the second edition of I4I Conversations.

Part I:

Part II:

To view both parts in one video, click here.

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