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Has the export-oriented manufacturing model reached its sell-by date for India?

As India faces the challenge of creating millions of well-paying jobs for its rapidly growing working-age population, Devashish Mitra analyses which sectors and what strategies can provide these good ...

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Impact of labour regulations on Indian manufacturing sector

In this article, Devashish Mitra discusses structural bottlenecks in the Indian manufacturing sector such as labour market regulations and recent policy changes that incentivise capital-intensive prod...

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Does the India-EU trade pact make sense for India? - I

During the 13th India-EU Summit in Brussels last month, leaders from both sides welcomed the re-engagement on the stalled India-EU Free Trade Agreement. In this article, Devashish Mitra, Professor of ...

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India's labour laws: Protecting to hurt

The state government of Rajasthan has begun making amendments to various labour laws in order to make labour markets more flexible. Summarising research on the impact of rigid labour laws on the grow...

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International trade, domestic labour laws and India’s manufacturing sector

India has a multitude of restrictive labour laws and these have been found to adversely affect economic performance of manufacturing firms. This column illustrates how the impact of trade liberalisati...

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Impact of trade reforms on labour’s share of firm revenues

The decline in labour’s share of national income in recent decades – a potential cause of rising inequality – has coincided with an increase in world trade. This column analyses the impact of tr...

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