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आर्थिक विकास, पोषण जाल, और चयापचय संबंधी रोग

हाल ही में प्रलेखित किये गए दो तथ्य इस परंपरागत धारणा के विपरीत चलते हैं कि आर्थिक विकास बेहतर स्वास्थ्य की ओर ले जाता है: विकासशील देशों में आय और पोषण की स्थिति के बीच एक स्पष्ट लिंक का अभाव; और आर्...

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Economic development, the nutrition trap, and metabolic disease

Two recently documented facts run counter to the conventional wisdom that economic development leads to better health: the absence of a clear link between income and nutritional status in developing c...

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Community networks and the growth of private enterprise in China

China has witnessed the same degree of industrialisation in three decades as Europe did in two centuries – without the preconditions that are generally believed to be necessary for economic developm...

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Community origins of industrial entrepreneurship: Theory and historical evidence from India

The transition from agriculture to trade and the subsequent transition from trade to manufacturing are key stages in the development process. In countries where a substantial manufacturing sector exis...

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Why is labour mobility in India so low?

Rural-to-urban migration is surprisingly low in India, compared with other large developing countries, leaving higher paying job opportunities unexploited. This column shows that well-functioning rura...

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The persistence of caste in India: An economic explanation

Despite many efforts by the government and by civic institutions, the caste system continues to have a firm hold on Indian society. This column presents an economic explanation for this persistence an...

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