Webinar: The new Coronavirus and the Indian economy

  • Blog Post Date 13 May, 2020
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The Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability (CDES) and I4I are jointly hosting a webinar with Ashok Kotwal (Editor-in-Chief, I4I) on Monday, 18 May at 9.30 am IST. Prof. Kotwal will discuss the structure and state of the Indian economy in 2019, the arrival of the New Coronavirus, the response by the Government of India, the public debate over the appropriateness of the response, and suggestions for a course correction.


Date and Time: Monday 18th May at 2:00 PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time), 9:30 AM (India Standard Time)

The webinar will follow the format below. Please note that timings are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and India Standard Time (IST)

Host introduction: Asad Islam, Director, CDES
Presentation by: Prof. Ashok Kotwal
Discussant remarks: Gaurav Datt, Deputy Director, CDES
Webinar commences: 2:00 PM (AEST), 9:30 AM (IST)
Webinar concludes: 3:15 PM (AEST), 10:45 AM (IST)

The Host will collect questions from participants via the Chat function throughout the presentation, to be addressed during the Q&A session. If time does not permit answering all questions, please send us your questions by email which we will pass on to the presenter.

All participants are kindly asked to remain muted during the webinar. Please note that you may be recorded if you activate your video or microphone during the webinar.

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By: Mitali Bhattacharya

As a teacher how should one motivate the learners to accept the global changes in the ecobnomy of the country and the entire world.

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