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रोजगार का मनोसामाजिक मूल्य: एक शरणार्थी शिविर से साक्ष्य

रोजगार में आय सृजन के स्पष्ट लाभ-सहित सार्थक मनोसामाजिक लाभ होने की क्षमता के बावजूद, दुनिया के कई सबसे कमजोर समूहों- जिनमें शरणार्थी शामिल हैं, की रोजगार तक पहुंच कम है। यह लेख बांग्लादेश में रोहिंग्...

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The psychosocial value of employment: Evidence from a refugee camp

Many of the world’s most vulnerable groups – including refugees –lack access to employment opportunities, which along with the obvious benefit of income generation also produces psychosocial ben...

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Which jobs were ‘lost’ during India’s Covid-19 lockdowns? Evidence from online vacancy postings

Covid-19 and associated lockdowns across countries have had a devastating impact on the global economy and labour markets. In India, recent data show a historic economic contraction by 23.9% over the ...

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