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श्रम-प्रधान उद्योगों में श्रमिकों की अनुपस्थिति का सामना करना

श्रम-प्रधान उद्योगों में श्रमिकों की अनुपस्थिति फर्मों की उत्पादकता में हानि का कारण बनती है, जिसके चलते श्रमिकों के लिए उत्पादकता-आधारित प्रोत्साहन की संभावना कम होती है। कर्नाटक में किये गए एक अध्यय...

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Dealing with worker absenteeism in labour-intensive industries

Worker absenteeism in labour-intensive industries causes productivity losses for firms, and reduced potential for productivity-based incentives for workers. Based on a study in Karnataka, this article...

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No line left behind: How firms match workers and managers

Various studies consistently affirm the importance of strong worker-manager dynamics in driving productivity. Based on analysis of worker-level productivity data, information on orders, and interviews...

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Managerial quality and productivity dynamics

It is well known that managerial quality impacts firm productivity and growth. Which managerial skills, traits, and practices contribute most to productivity? Are all such traits easily observable? Ar...

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