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Repayment flexibility, contract choice, and investment decisions among Indian microfinance borrowers

Borrowers’ difficulties to comply with repayment obligations, for entrepreneurial and consumption motives, have pushed several microfinance institutions to introduce some degree of flexibility durin...

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Productivity and competition in India’s brick industry

Firm productivity has long been considered a key driver of economic growth. Yet there is little understanding of why the competition and innovation that fuels productivity growth in the developed worl...

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Financial literacy: When, what and how

The need for financial literacy and its importance for financial inclusion have been widely recognised. Based on various research studies on financial literacy initiatives, this column outlines finan...

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The plight of 'complimentary' migrants: Children at brick kilns

Migration for work is meant to benefit families of migrant workers. But what if the families migrate along with the worker? Based on visits to brick kilns in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Prade...

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Helping the poor to save

Do poor people save? This column portrays the saving and financial behaviours and preferences of the poor. It recommends designing and marketing savings products that address the constraints they curr...

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