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Global supply chain disruptions: Causes and the way ahead

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been disastrous for the global supply chains, with persistent effects since early 2020, and knock-on effects now gaining intensity. In this post, Sharmila Kanth...

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Tapping export destinations for growth

TThe trade environment today is becoming increasingly murky and stormy, despite a strengthening global economy. India’s position – never very remarkable – is being further battered, and its emba...

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Draft social security code: Will it help informal workers?

Labour law reform is considered as a key requirement for creation of new jobs as well as greater formalisation of existing jobs in India. In March this year, the Ministry of Labour and Employment brou...

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Is the structure of Indian manufacturing geared towards job creation?

Government of India has envisaged adding 100 million jobs in manufacturing by 2022. This column finds that the structure of the country’s manufacturing sector is misaligned with the objective of jo...

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What does China’s ‘new normal’ mean for India?

China’s new normal – a growth rate of at least 6.5% - has been set as a target in its 13th Five Year Plan. In this article, Sharmila Kantha, Principal Consultant, Confederation of Indian Industry,...

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Mega-trading blocs: Where does India stand?

Emerging multilateral trading agreements, resulting in mega-trading blocs, seem to be replacing global negotiations through the WTO. In this article, Sharmila Kantha assesses the potential impact of ...

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