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Sweet cash: Women’s demand for healthcare in developing countries

Agrawal et al. explore the role of gender-based preferences for demand of healthcare. Using CPHS data they find that the positive income shock – generated by a change in the mandated rates of contri...

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Stewardship as the way forward in fighting global antimicrobial resistance

With the World Health Organization's emphasis on stewardship and working together against antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the authors consider the importance of certain agents in preventing AMR. Looki...

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Intellectual property rights and wage inequality

Technology has become central to most everyday activities. But will incentives for technological change – such as those induced by Covid-19 – cause deeper distortions in the global economy, especi...

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Can greater access to education be inequitable?

Right to Education Act, 2009, was designed to provide the right to free, quality school education to all 6-14 year olds in India. This article examines the influence of RTE on the expansion of private...

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Only germs this time, no guns and steel (yet)?

The first round of globalisation over the previous centuries was associated with a transmission of diseases between continents. With Covid-19, history seems to be repeating itself, but this time in th...

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