Webinar video: The new Coronavirus and the Indian economy

  • Blog Post Date 02 June, 2020
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Ashok Kotwal

University of British Columbia

The global pandemic has created a terrible trade-off for every country between an economic crisis caused by a shutdown of the economic activity and a health crisis and fatalities as the healthcare system gets overwhelmed. The burden of the economic hardship is unbearably heavy on the poor. This is especially so in India where a significant part of the population live hand to mouth.


In this webinar jointly hosted by the Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability (CDES) and I4I on 18 May 2020, I4I Editor-in-Chief Ashok Kotwal argues that, the recommendations of many mainstream economists that the government must immediately provide support to the most vulnerable groups, are compelling. He contends that it makes little sense to think as if these were normal times when huge expansion of government expenditure would be considered irresponsible.

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