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What will it take for the Indian economy to break out of the lower-middle-income bracket?

In 2007, India moved from the low-income to lower-middle-income category, as per the World Bank’s classification of countries by income. With clear aspirations to graduate into the higher brackets o...

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Policy Roundup: Voting, wealth redistribution, state of health

This post presents our monthly curation of recent developments in the Indian policy landscape – highlighting I4I content pertaining to issues ranging from electronic voting machines, vote-buying, an...

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The why and how of environmental protection: Examining the evidence

In the first post of a three-part blog series, I4I Editorial advisor Nalini Gulati summarises a selection of studies on the adverse impact of environmental degradation on human health as well as econo...

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Policy Roundup: Elections, black money, state of the economy

This post presents our curation of key developments in the Indian policy landscape in recent months – highlighting I4I content pertaining to the issues of synchronised elections, funding of politica...

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भारत में महिलाएँ और उनका स्वास्थ्य

मार्च महीने में अंतर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस के सन्दर्भ में प्रस्तुत लेखों की श्रृंखला के इस अंतिम आलेख में I4I की संपादकीय सलाहकार नलिनी गुलाटी भारत में महिलाओंके स्वास्थ्य पर आर्थिक शोध का एक सार प्रस्...

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Women and health in India

This International Women’s Day, I4I Editorial Advisor Nalini Gulati presents a curation of economic research on women’s health in India, encompassing aspects of maternal and child health, gendered...

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A tribute for my mentor, Ashok

Former I4I Managing Editor Nalini Gulati pens a heartfelt tribute to our founding Editor-in-Chief Prof. Ashok Kotwal.

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नेता और नागरिक: भारत में महिलाओं की राजनीतिक भागीदारी

भारत में आगामी राज्य चुनावों के संदर्भ में की जाने वाली चर्चाओं में महिलाओं की राजनीतिक भागीदारी एक प्रमुख तत्व के रूप में उभरी है। इस पोस्ट में, नलिनी गुलाटी और एला स्पेन्सर ने देश में महिलाओं के राज...

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Leaders and citizens: Women’s political participation in India

Women’s political participation has emerged as a key element of the discourse around the upcoming state elections in India. In this post, Nalini Gulati and Ella Spencer explore the evidence on vario...

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बजट 2021-22: लिंग आधारित नजरिए से

2021-22 के केंद्रीय बजट को लिंग आधारित नजरिए से परखते हुए नलिनी गुलाटी ने इस बात पर चर्चा की है कि इस बजट में भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था में महिलाओं के लिए विशेष रूप से डिजिटल पुश, सार्वजनिक परिवहन, अन्य सार...

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Budget 2021-22: A gender lens

Examining the 2021-22 union budget through a gender lens, Nalini Gulati discusses what the budget does – and does not do – for women in the Indian economy, particularly with respect to the digital...

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Webinar: Growing concern around violence against women

On 25 November 2020, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the India Programme of the International Growth Centre – in collaboration with the Asian Development Researc...

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