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Diversity and public goods: Why the geographical unit of analysis matters

Research has shown that regions with higher caste diversity have lower share of villages with essential public goods. This article challenges this finding and shows that empirical models estimated at ...

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Does the right to vote affect political behaviour? Historical evidence from India

Democracies are known to have better economic development outcomes over the longer run. However, it is not clear whether giving citizens the right to vote is sufficient for ensuring an effective degre...

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DUET: Creating a resilient ecosystem for vulnerable populations

Providing their perspective on Drèze’s DUET proposal for an urban work programme, the authors contend that its objective should not just be financial support but the creation of a wider ecosystem that...

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Digging for dirt: Rent-seeking among elected politicians in India’s mineral belt

The Indian mining industry is no stranger to corruption scandals and every year dozens of environmental activists are murdered for exposing illegal mining activities. This article discusses the impact...

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Balancing corruption and exclusion: A response

The role of Aadhaar in reducing corruption in PDS has been highly controversial. In a recent I4I article, Muralidharan et al. summarised the results of their study in Jharkhand, which confirmed the 'p...

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DUET: Expand to include social protection for informal workers

Commenting on Jean Drèze’s DUET proposal, Rakshita Swamy and Amit Basole highlight its simple design as its strength and propose a more comprehensive approach that also includes social protection for ...

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Farm bills: First principles and the political economy of agricultural market regulation

Wrapping up the Symposium on farm bills, Mekhala Krishnamurthy and Shoumitro Chatterjee contend that regulatory reforms are an important but limited part of what must be both a more comprehensive and ...

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Farm Bills: Potential for positive outcomes

Siraj Hussain contends that while the farm bills may have medium- to long-term benefits for Indian agriculture, following parliamentary processes for their passage and efforts to build consensus would...

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Farm bills: Unlikely to bring transformative change

Sanjay Kaul discusses the benefits and drawbacks of the farm bills for all stakeholders – farmers, businesses, commission agents, and the government – and concludes that given the dynamics involved, t...

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Farm bills: Design leaves much to be desired

Sukhpal Singh examines the potential implications of the farm bills in view of the existing mechanisms of agricultural marketing, and highlights certain design flaws.

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Farm Bills: Liberalisation of agricultural marketing is necessary

Providing his perspective on the farm bills, Bharat Ramaswami contends that the liberalisation of agricultural marketing is the necessary direction – a view endorsed in the past across the political s...

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Introduction to e-Symposium: Understanding the new farm bills

Would the farm bills help increase farmers’ incomes? Could farmers benefit from an expanded access to markets? Would they be more willing to engage in contracts with urban firms because of the bill on...

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