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Banks, finance and the 2022 Economics Nobel Prize

This year the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Ben Bernanke, Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybvig for their work on the role of banks in the economy, particularly during financial crises. In this ...

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Potential to further strengthen the Census Act

In reference to the Census (Amendment) Rules introduced in March 2022, Garhwal and Sapre outline the scope to further strengthen the Census Act and its administration. With the introduction of self-en...

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I4I@10: Annual lecture and panel discussion

We invite you to join us on 22 December, 2022, as we bring to you Ideas for India’s annual lecture and panel discussion to celebrate 10 years of I4I! Featuring an in-person meeting for the first tim...

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Covid-19 lockdown and criminal activity: Evidence from Bihar

The lockdown imposed to fight the Covid-19 pandemic has had wide-ranging consequences for the society. This article analyses the impact of the lockdown on criminal activity in Bihar using up-to-date p...

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The institutional partnership model: Embedding evidence into the policy equation

One path for capitalising on government interest in evidence-informed policymaking is for the research community to build long-term institutional partnerships with governments to create an ecosystem w...

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The SHRUG: A new high-resolution data platform for research on India

The Socioeconomic High-resolution Rural-Urban Geographic Dataset on India (SHRUG) is a new data source that describes socioeconomic development in India. In this post, Asher, Lunt, and Novosad describ...

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Death penalty for gender-based violence: A band-aid solution for a broken system

In 2018, Government of India amended the Protection of Children against Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012 and the Indian Penal Code to provide for death penalty for rape of children under 12 years of ...

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Note from I4I Team: Happy Holidays!

We are now closed for Christmas and New Year, until Thursday, 2 January 2020. We will be back in the New Year with new articles, perspectives, notes from the field, e-symposia, explainers, videos, and...

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A village’s journey of alcohol de-addiction due to children’s campaigning

In just two years, the alcohol addiction of an entire village could be eliminated due to the efforts of a school’s students and their teacher in Sangli district of Maharashtra. In this note, Shirish...

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What lies behind this year's economics Nobel

In this post, Maitreesh Ghatak discusses how randomised controlled trials – the use of which was pioneered by this year’s economics Nobel Laureates, Banerjee, Duflo, and Kremer – have been succe...

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Three Nobel Laureates who incited a movement

This year’s Nobel Prize for Economics has been awarded to the trio responsible for revolutionising the field of development economics: Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, and Michael Kremer. In this pos...

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Helping youth discover self-identity through social purpose

‘Emerging adulthood’ refers to the transitory phase from adolescence to adulthood, when young adults are on an intense search for authenticity, awareness, personal definition, and exploration of w...

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A tribute to Marty Weitzman

Prof. Martin Weitzman who was among the most influential economists in the world passed away on 27 August 2019. His work on the uncertainty about how bad the impacts of a changed climate could be has ...

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I4I turns 7!

As I4I completes seven years, Editor-in-Chief Ashok Kotwal reflects on the achievements and challenges, and the vision going forward.

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Leading economic institutes join hands to bridge research-policy gap

The International Growth Centre at the London School of Economics and Tata Centre for Development at the University of Chicago collaborate to better communicate evidence-based research for informed de...

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Evidence, policy, and politics

Commenting on the concept of evidence-based policy, Jean Drèze argues that the relation between evidence and policy needs further thought. Based on his involvement with social policy in India, he bel...

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On the perils of embedded experiments

There is growing interest in ‘embedded experiments’, conducted by researchers and policymakers as a team. Aside from their potential scale, the main attraction of these experiments is that they se...

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The particulars of social policy in India: Evidence, State capacity, and policy design

Economist-activist Jean Drèze has argued that economists are no better equipped to comment on development policy design than other social science researchers and other stakeholders, and that policyma...

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