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Green is good: Risk insights into Indian green stocks

While consistent financial flows towards climate resilience are crucial, there is a recent global trend of withdrawal of investment from ‘green assets’. Given the centrality of potential risk-adju...

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Embracing the melody of dissent: A symphony in policymaking

In recent times, members of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Reserve Bank of India, have expressed views that are contrary to the MPC’s official stance. This article investigates the influence o...

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Is the RBI’s commitment to inflation targeting credible?

Eight years after the adoption of Flexible Inflation Targeting (FIT) by the RBI, Garga, Lakdawala and Sengupta evaluate the success of this framework. They use two approaches to assess the credibility...

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How microfinance can help entrepreneurs escape the poverty trap

The idea of poverty traps being important for microenterprises is captured in the adage “it takes money to make money”. This article reports on a study following households in India exposed to dif...

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Policymaking at a time of high risk-aversion

The key issues in the Indian financial sector in general, and banking in particular, are bearing risk and allocating capital. These are especially important now as India enters into a prolonged phase ...

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Yes Bank: The anatomy of a crisis

The string of frauds and failures unearthed in recent years in the Indian banking sector indicate weaknesses in banking supervision. In this post, Pandey and Priyadarshini argue that the Reserve Bank ...

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Using intermediaries to deliver credit

Communities are monitoring service providers, and local governments are delivering development and welfare programmes in developing countries. This article indicates the potential value of enlarging t...

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The missing women in finance

Women comprise a very small proportion of the financial industry workforce, and this has implications on the way female clients use and benefit from financial services. This article discusses if the f...

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Raising coverage under deposit insurance: A soft option

Indian Parliament is expected to legislate on a rise in the amount of insurance for bank deposits from Rs. 100,000 to possibly Rs. 500,000 in its ongoing winter session. In this post, Gurbachan Singh ...

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Lessons from the PMC Bank fiasco

In September, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had to impose restrictions on Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative Bank (PMCB) as the latter was found to be involved in a mega loan fraud. RBI has taken steps...

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Approaches to regulation of cryptocurrencies

In June, Facebook announced its plan to create a global, private cryptocurrency, backed by a reserve of assets and held by a network of reputed companies. In the backdrop of changing dynamics of crypt...

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How banking crisis is impeding India’s economy

The amount of non-performing assets (NPAs) in India’s banking sector has skyrocketed in the last five years. It has been accompanied by a sharp decline in investment growth, and a significant econom...

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I4I Panel Discussion: Financing development in India

I4I recently organised a panel discussion on ‘Financing Development in India’ with Prachi Mishra (Goldman Sachs), Andy Mukherjee (Bloomberg), and Ananth Narayan (SPJIMR). The discussion was modera...

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Linking lending rates to external benchmark: Challenges and opportunities for banks

The Reserve Bank of India has made it mandatory for banks to link all new floating-rate personal, retail loans, along with loans to micro, small and medium enterprises to an external benchmark-based i...

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Would RBI fund transfer weaken government's financial position?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently decided to transfer Rs. 1.76 trillion to the Government of India (GOI). If the RBI has inadequate capital, then it should not transfer funds to the GOI. But ev...

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India’s insurance sector: Challenges and opportunities

While India’s insurance sector has been growing dynamically in recent years, its share in the global insurance market remains abysmally low. This article traces the journey of the Indian insurance s...

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Financial inclusion in India: Progress and prospects

Financial inclusion is globally considered as a critical indicator of development and well-being of society. In this post, Srinivasa Rao traces the financial inclusion journey in India so far, and dis...

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Thinking about financial sector reforms in India

A key element of the economy that needs to function well in order to facilitate India’s strong and sustained recovery from the pandemic is the financial system. In this post, Sengupta and Vardhan d...

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